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ďproperties near DART light rail stations recorded valuation increases about 25 percent greater than those in a control group of neighborhoods not served by DART rail between 1994 and 1998. Examining the 1997 to 2001 time period...Median values of residential properties increased 32.1 percent near the DART rail stations compared to 19.5 percent in the control group areas. Thus, residential properties near light rail stations on average increased in value 39 percent more than comparable properties not served by rail. For office buildings, the increase was 24.7 percent for the DART properties versus 11.5 percent for the non-DART properties, so that office buildings near DART Light Rail increased in value 53 percent more than comparable properties not near rail.Ē , Bernard L. Weinstein, Ph.D., Terry L. Clower, Ph.D., University of North Texas, DART Light Railís Effect on Taxable Property Valuations and Transit-Oriented Development,p.i

Total NLA: 3,680 sq. ft. 
AVAILABLE NLA: 161 to 2,232 sq. ft.
LEASE TERMS:   One (1) to Five (5) Years
RATES:   From $8.50 to $16.70 per sq. ft. per yr.
TRIPLE NETS:   Estimated @ $3.28 per sq. ft.
(Taxes, Insurance, & Common Area Maint.)  
TRAFFIC COUNTS: (City of Carrollton) Year Direction Cars per Day
    Beltline Road at IH35  2001 West 22,847
  2002 East 12,569
    Beltline Road at Josey Lane: 2002 North 15,984
  2002 South 16,417
DEMOGRAPHICS: 1 Mile Radius 3 Mile Radius 5 Mile Radius
    Est. 2006 Avg. HH Income $56,911 $79,696 $83,282
    Est. 2006 Population 21,315 93,937 291,168
Proximate Businesses:      
    IH35 & Beltline Downtown Carrollton DART Station
  Old Downtown Carrollton
    Josey & Beltline Bank of America, Avon,
Firestone, Radio Shack  .  469-544-1858 .  1508 E. Belt Line Rd., Carrollton, TX 75006